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Road Department & Township Garage

The Palmyra Township Road Department's mission is to make all township roads and right-of-ways safe for your travels.


Contact us with any questions or concerns.

330.654.4098 Ext. 114


Do you need a Driveway Culvert?

We can help!


Driveway Culvert Installation: 
12” Pipe $450.00 (cost per additional foot) $25.00
15” Pipe $525.00 (cost per additional foot) $30.00
18” Pipe $675.00 (cost per additional foot) $35.00
21” Pipe $825.00 (cost per additional foot) $40.00
24” Pipe $975.00 (cost per additional foot) $45.00

A driveway culvert is used to carry water from one side of your driveway to the other and consists of a large pipe being buried in the ground, out of sight, and out of mind.  Next time you drive down a country road or though your city streets, chances are you'll be driving over a culvert or two.

Roads Maintained

Palmyra Township maintains approximately 14 miles of roadway.
Roads Maintained by Palmyra Township are:
Fisher Rd.
Whippoorwill Rd.
Headley Rd.
Scotts Corner Rd.
Williams Rd.
Winding Creek Dr.
Prairie Circle
Corbett Rd.
Henderson Rd.
Cole St.
Mason Ave.
Depot St.

Steve Coss

Road Supervisor

Steve is a life long resident of Palmyra and has worked for the Township for the last 18 years.

He graduated from Southeast High School in 1990 and attended the University of Akron and graduated from the Ohio Department of Transportation LTAP Program.

Steve is married to Megan Coss and together they have three children. 

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