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The Palmyra Township Cemetery Department maintains the grounds of our five cemetery locations in an aesthetic manner and promotes a restful and peaceful site through our grounds and Chapel for family members and friends honoring their deceased loved ones.


West Cemetery

Also known as the Palmyra West Cemetery

Located at 9157 Tallmadge Rd. Diamond OH 44412


West Cemetery Chapel

The Palmyra Chapel is located at West Cemetery. 

The Chapel was a labor of love for Steve Coss our Palmrya Cemetery & Road Supervisor of 18 years. Beam by beam and brick by brick his crew built the chapel which has since been a place of peaceful gathering & final goodbyes for our residents and their loved ones. 

Thank you to all who donated & contributed to the Palmyra Chapel. 

Cemetery Fees

Cemetery Fees:                                     Resident                                  Non-Resident
Lots (Max. 4)                                           $250.00 (each)                     $1000.00 (each)
Adult Vault Weekday Burial              $700.00                                   $700.00
Adult Vault Weekend Burial              $900.00                                   $900.00
Adult Vault Holiday/ Burial                $900.00                                   $900.00 
Youth Vault Burial Weekday            $600.00                                    $600.00
Youth Vault Burial Weekend            $800.00                                    $800.00
Youth Vault Burial Holiday                $800.00                                    $800.00
Baby Vault Burial-Weekday             $550.00                                   $550.00
Baby Vault Burial Weekend              $700.00                                   $700.00
Baby Vault Burial-Holiday                 $700.00                                   $700.00
Weekday Cremations                        $550.00                                   $550.00
Weekend Cremations                        $600.00                                   $600.00
Holiday Cremations                            $600.00                                   $600.00

Disinternment Weekday                    $1400.00                                 $1400.00

Disinternment Weekend/Holiday   $1800.00                                 $1800.00

All weekday burials and cremations arriving at cemetery on or after 2:00 pm local time will be charged the holiday/weekend rate.

Foundations                                     $  75.00 sq. ft.          $  75.00 sq. ft.

Foundation fee waived for VA supplied military markers

Cemetery Foundation deadlines: May 1st/Oct. 1st

Indigent Burial expenditure paid by township will not exceed $1,000 for burial or $900 for cremation

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