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About Our Community

Southeast Local Schools

The mission of Southeast Local Schools is to guarantee all students an excellent education, preparing them to be successful, responsible citizens and life long learners.  A dedicated team, committed to high standards, in partnership with the community, will implement innovative strategies, nurture individual talents and provide a safe environment.


Our Community Churches

Palmyra United Methodist Church

Located at:

3968 OH-225, Diamond, OH 44412


(330) 654-2396


Business Directory

Palmyra Township is proud of our local small businesses within our township and surrounding areas. 

Contact us if you would like to be listed on our community business guide!


New Resident

Just moved here?


Check out our new resident guide for community resources

Community Assistance

Need Assistance?

Portage County has a wealth of community resources to assist you and your family

senior citizen resources

Portage County is blessed to have many agencies and services within our community to assist our senior residents. If you know a senior in need please share these resources or contact us

things to do & 
places to go

Our Community is full of fun places to go, things to see and events to attend.

Visit the site below to stay up to date on area events

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