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Contact Palmyra Township Department Officials

Tom Grund (Trustee: Chairman)                  |  Tel: 330.654.4098 Ext. 214

Robert Dunn (Trustee: Vice Chairman)        |  Tel: 330.654.4098 Ext. 215

Megan Coss (Trustee)                                      |  Tel: 330.654.4098 Ext. 213

Kelly Harvey RES, AAS (Fiscal Officer)         |  Tel: 330.654.4098 Ext. 211

Mark Garvin (Fire Department Chief)       |  Tel: 330.654.4098 Ext. 112

Steve Coss (Road Supervisor)                          |  Tel: 330.654.4098 Ext. 114

Sandra Nutter (Zoning Inspector)               |  Tel: 330.654.4098 Ext. 212

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